October 10, 2016

Sheraton Poipu, Kauai

Whenever we have an event to attend in Poipu or just need a staycation, we head to Sheraton Poipu.  This oceanfront hotel has a lot to offer in a small foot print.  A very clean  hotel, with easy parking, great staff and customer service.  Maybe it doesn't hurt that we are friends with the GM and assistant GM.  But I'm positive that other guests have the same experience.   The food is great (although expensive by locals standards), and the views and sunsets are amazing!  Take a look...

January 29, 2015

Waipoo Falls, Kokee

A roadside picture looking at the waterfall shows it's grand scheme!   We hiked the Canyon Trail to get to the top of it, which was really cool!  But seeing it from a distance is almost better.  The trail was moderately difficult and you can get a ton of good views along the way.  Continue on, past the falls for a really long hike.  But be prepared, the hike out is the killer!  A steep incline as your last push when you're already out of breath made for a huge victory high five at the end.  Beverages needed after the fact to celebrate for sure.

October 19, 2014

Turtle Sanctuary and Makauwahi Cave, Mahaulepu

Recently I had a chance to stay at Koloa Landing, a beautiful new development on Kauai's south shore.  It was a simple one night stay that was gifted to me by their "realtor of the month" lottery.  So, we decided to make the best of our short time and squeeze in as much as possible and act like tourists; sunset, dinner out, lounge by the pool, caves and turtles.

Several years prior to this I read in a Hawaiian Airlines Magazine about Burney's Turtles. And being a huge fan of turtles I was intrigued by the article and to my surprise found that it was about a turtle sanctuary on Kauai.  I wrote the details down on a piece of paper and said to myself this is something I have to see when I get back home.  Well, there it sat in my purse for years, never having the appropriate time to look into it or find out exactly where it was.  Until now.

So, we started on our way to the sanctuary in Mahaulepu and stumbled upon the Makauwahi Cave which was totally unexpected and amazingly cool!  A well detailed account of the history of this place is explained here.  Not only did I get to see the amazing views of Mahaulepu coast which I hadn't seen in years, we got to go back in time!

The turtle sanctuary was the intended target for our exploration, which was icing on the cake.  100+ year old tortoises roaming the land, eating up invasive weeds so the Burneys could cultivate native plants.  A really nice treat, and so glad we went.   One even tried to follow me home!!